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Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering, which is based on the principles of science, mathematics and computational tools, enhances the quality of life of society at large by furthering advancements in civil infrastructure. The B. Tech. degree course in Civil Engineering at the GNCT, imparts strong theoretical foundations to graduates and combines practical learning in various areas such as construction engineering, geo-technical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering and town planning. The course is interdisciplinary and covers a wide spectrum of electives that are aimed at an in-depth understanding among graduates of atmospheric science, computational fluid mechanics, environment and ecology, soil mechanics, geographical information systems and remote sensing. Department is equipped with state of the art laboratories for imparting the real knowledge of engineering like:

Building Materials & Construction Lab

• VICAT Apparatus
• BLAIN Air permeability meter Surveying Lab
• Total station
• Theodolite
• Dumpy level
• Chains/Tapes
• Plane Table & accessories Structural Analysis Lab
• Three Hinge Arch
• Redundant Joint Apparatus
• Unsymmetrical bending beam Apparatus
• Curved Member Apparatus
• Column & Strut Apparatus
• Maxwell's Apparatus Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machine Lab
• Tilting flume apparatus with provision for horizontal contraction, hump, broad crested weir and    hydraulic jump Soil Mechanics Lab
• Liquid limit Apparatus
• Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
• Core Cutter
• Compaction Mould Apparatus
• Permeability Apparatus
• Direct Shear test Apparatus Transportation Lab
• Crushing value Apparatus
• Aggregate impact value Apparatus
• Universal Penetrometer Apparatus
• Ductility testing machine
• Flash & Fire point Apparatus

Labs offered by Dept. of Civil Engineering…..

1. Fluid Mechanics Lab

2. Surveying Lab

3. Hyd. Machines Lab